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Dicedom - Merge Puzzle

Dicedom - Merge Puzzle

by Empiric


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Dicedom - Merge Puzzle
Dicedom - Merge Puzzle
Dicedom - Merge Puzzle
Dicedom - Merge Puzzle

Want to increase your brain power by playing mind games?
Dicedom - Merge Puzzle is an amazing Board Game and the best option for you to spend your leisure time.

Features of Dice puzzle game - Dicedom - Merge Puzzle
- 5x5 dice jigsaw puzzle making game
- Free board puzzle game
- Brain game
- Dice Merge Puzzle
- Merge Puzzle
- Offline game
- Endless dice game for free

Benefits of Playing Dicedom - Dice Merge Board Puzzle Game
- Train your brain and develop your logic with this simple board game
- Completely free game
- It’s completely Free to download, no wifi needed - Offline game
- It’s really easy to play but hard to master
- No time limit
- You kids can play and learn basic maths too with this maths game.

How to Play:
- Roll the dice
- Match 3 same dice to merge them into magic dice.
- You can merge the same number or same colour dice.
- Tap on the Dice to change the direction of the dice-pair.
- Three 6(six) dots dice can be merged to a jewel cube dice. It is a magic dice.
- Merge three jewel dice to clean the 3x3 nearby dice.
- The game will end when the game board has no place for putting the dice.