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Diced Full

Diced Full

by Bruno Moreira


Our Rating

Diced Full
Diced is the ultimate puzzle game with a concept that’s easy to pick and play but hard to master (but not impossible!). The goal of the different modes/levels is related to making matches with dice: 2 dice with the 2 facing up; 3 dice with the 3 facing up, etc. These will bring you points/time. When you match the dice, simply move to another position to get the points. Diced can be played by kids, boys or girls of all ages. It’s truly the puzzle game for the family. The game will improve your 3 dimensional thinking and visualization as you start to be able to figure out more complex moves with the dice. It’s a fun puzzle game that will twist your mind and push your brain, but you won’t be able to stop playing! Get on board and play now! The ultimate 3D Puzzle Game will test your IQ with an amazing and unique concept. It’s a classic brain trainer that both children and adults love. A fun game that develops your thinking to the extreme! Some people even call it the best puzzle game today! The Full Version includes: - Timed Survival Mode – In this mode you start with 60 seconds. Each match you make, you get more time. How long will you survive? - Limited Moves Mode – You’re limited in the number of moves. How many points can you get before you run out of moves? - Puzzle Mode – Puzzle Mode features 30 pre-created puzzles to get your brain exercised. - Random Puzzle Mode – Let the game create some Random Puzzles and see how many you can complete before running out of moves. This endless mode will keep you playing forever! - 2 Minute Challenge Mode – You have 2 Minutes to get as many points as possible! Truly the ultimate challenge! - Practice Mode – Because Practice makes perfect, here you’ll be given unlimited time and moves to test all puzzle combinations. - Versus Mode – Compete locally against a friend and see who can get the higher score! - 8 Unlockable Modes – Improve your high-scores and unlock new modes, including Sequence Mode and Hard Move variations. Your mind will get twisted in a whole new way! - Share your high-scores on Facebook! - No Ads! - No In-Game Purchases!