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Crush: Candy Fruit and Jewel

Crush: Candy Fruit and Jewel

by afuffstudio


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Crush: Candy Fruit and Jewel
Crush: Candy Fruit and Jewel
Crush: Candy Fruit and Jewel
Do you wish to have download that have varicosity of game crush? Try Crush: Candy Fruit and Jewel! The game offers 3 iconic crushes that are popular today, which are candy, fruit and jewel. You can simple select which one do you prefer to play with. It is a great game for boys and girls or young and old. There are 3 modes you can choose; Easy, Normal and Hard. I suggested that you try the easy mode first. Finish the easy mode that tries your skill on the next stage which is normal and hard. Easy Mode is actually the kingdom of Nutrition. There are lots of fresh and healthy stuff that need you to swap. You will be surprise with the fresh juice of this kingdom. The tricky part is that the background scenario will confuse you with the nutritious food you going to match as they look alike. Next is the Normal mode or we may called it the treasure kingdom. This kingdom takes you deep bottom the ocean, where all the pirates treasures are bury and located at a mysterious place. There is no one guarding the treasure except the creatures of the dark sea. Match all jewelry and compete all level and all the diamonds, gems, and rubies will be yours. However timing is very critical at the stage, so be careful every time you make a move. One wrong move, then the next step will be the last step. The hardest stage brings you to an adventure in a famous candy castle. As you expected there are lots of sugar to crush! These include jelly, chocolate, sweet, lollipop and much more. You need the your time to carefully analysis the situation before making action as any wrong move will bring you to end the game quickly. This is the favorite game for expert like candy saga, jelly blast, fruit crush, and jewel fruit as it offer the highest degree for thinking. So it is more to the hard core fans of crushes. Compete with friends and see who score the highest. Candy fact: Candy may actually be good for you. Although dark chocolate candy has the most proven health benefits, other favorites such as peppermint have real advantages as well. Longevity. A study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that people who ate candy several times a month lived almost a year longer than those who ate no candy at all. A study conducted at the U.K.'s University of Hull stated that digestion, cancer cough and depression can also be treating with chocolate and peppermint candy. So don’t get negative with candy. Top feature are: + Cool audio background. + Stunning HD graphic + Multiple games modes + Various types of feature to swap. + Experience lot adventure in 3 different kingdoms. + Match 3 or more and create a matchpop chained of excitement Crush: Candy fruit and jewel is free to download at Google play. Download now while it is still free. Perhaps the next time you open this pages you need to pay before download. So don’t waste your time. Download now. Enjoy yourself... It’s worth your time.