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Color Wood Coins! Sort Puzzle

Color Wood Coins! Sort Puzzle

by creativespartans


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Color Wood Coins! Sort Puzzle
Color Wood Coins! Sort Puzzle
Color Wood Coins! Sort Puzzle

Color Wood Coins! Sort Puzzle

In this new classic wood color sort puzzle slide & match colorful wood coins on a woody board! Play colors & Challenge your brain in this addictive sorting & color matching game, perfect for brain training & stress relief match-up!

This vibrant wood color sorting board game that challenges your mind and soothes your soul Includes:

• Stunning wooden coins sliding & coloring cards matching: Slide and color match beautifully crafted color wood pieces in a variety of vibrant rainbow colors with the matching cards given.

• Engaging Slide & sort puzzles: Enjoy sorting woody cubes by color and Progress through over 1000 hand-crafted levels, each increasing in difficulty to keep you hooked.

• Oddly satisfying & Relaxing gameplay: Unique ASMR experience with calming visuals, satisfying moves, and soothing sounds of wood tapping as you sort and strategize your moves in this unique puzzle mechanic. Be the true sort master in this organized puzzle

• Brain-teasing challenge:  Test your logic and spatial reasoning skills in this tricky puzzle with colorful sorting as you match color cards by sorting efficiently in this brain training game.

• Offline play: Enjoy this wood block puzzle game anytime, anywhere, with no internet connection required, perfect for offline entertainment & a happy mind with wood full thoughts.

• Extra skins include wood nuts & bolts sort instead of woody coins, and metal plates instead of wood board