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Color Picture

Color Picture

by Костя Ко


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Color Picture
Color Picture
Color Picture
Color Picture
Color Picture

Bright colors in the most unpredictable and beautiful combinations waiting to fill a hundred interesting and exciting paintings in the puzzle Color Picture.

Paints the individual fragments, step by step, fill the voids colors to see the picture completely. Pick the right color and solve all the puzzles in the Color Picture.
Be careful not to create black spots, and the picture will shine for you with bright colors!

You do not know how to draw? No problem! The Color Picture it does not matter! Paint yourself a picture of the fill, you can only decide where to place them.

Hundreds of the most diverse levels, hundreds of crazy color combinations! Animals, trees, houses, people and many more are waiting for their incarnation in Color Picture.

The game will help pass the free time with friends or spend an interesting leisure.

* Over 200 free levels
* Beautiful color combinations
* New addictive gameplay
* Rich colors and paint
* Gradually increasing complexity
* Simple and intuitive control
* Progress is saved automatically