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Clash Of Zombies

Clash Of Zombies

by Mobiman


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Clash Of Zombies
Clash Of Zombies
Clash Of Zombies
Clash Of Zombies

DEFEND THE CASTLE & BECOME A MIGHTY HERO! Monsters and Resurrect Zombies have joined forces to destroy Historic Castles and Heroes all over the globe.

A well-chosen, powerful HERO! Experience the most exciting monster battle game!

Smash, burn, and slash your way to saving the world from fearsome monsters! This game is a tightly-constructed, no-nonsense, heroic battle-battle-battle-game that provides:

LEGENDARY HEROS: Battle Zombies with Mighty Heroes who are ready to defend the castle.
EVIL MONSTERS - Enjoy the thrilling Campaign and defeat the most evil monsters, zombies and witches!
UPGRADEDSKILLS: Transform your skills and heroes into legends that will defend castles and the worlds.
Intense Battle: Fight Directly Against Hundreds of MONSTERS and ZOMBIES!
NUMEROUS WELTS: Over 100 levels, different worlds, and intense battles await you.
SPECIAL EVENINGS: Keep an eye out for special events and new heroes in our periodic updates

As a newly recruited leader, use your unique Skills to control and lead a selection of genetic heroes, train and upgrade them to unlock new legends and discover new castles and worlds. Assemble a powerful team that will vanquish your MONSTER enemies and their defence towers, fight your way to the top and become the ultimate MIGHTY HERO and CASTLE WARRIOR!