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Cakes Pop Maker

Cakes Pop Maker

by Ivn


Our Rating

Cakes Pop Maker
Cakes Pop Maker has appealing player, the difficulty increases with each level. To reach high scores, Cakes Pop Maker requires strategic thinking. You have to think ahead, and use the help wisely. Not easy to be able to pass each stage. Cakes Pop Maker has beautiful graphics, awesome sound effects help you feel more perfect when play game. Cakes Pop Maker with game play similar to Pop Star and brings brand new game experience to classic jewel games. Feature : + Amazing combos. + Stunning graphics . + Easy to play cakes . + Tap on two or more cakes of the same kind (same color) to eliminate them. + Block cakes is large, you will get more points. + Try to clear all cakes , to get a lot of bonus . + Reach the target points of each level to win and move on stage. + Many types of cakes : Cream pie, Birthday Cakes, Dumplings, hamburger, Macaron, Sachertorte ... + Cake of many colors .