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Brownie Vs Evil

Brownie Vs Evil

by UshkalkaMob


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Brownie Vs Evil
Brownie Vs Evil
Brownie Vs Evil
Brownies are the wandering folk who did not have their own home. They settled near other inhabitants of the magical world of Soully. Their appearing was accepted with joy because they were kind and hardworking. Despite the warm welcome they dreamed of creating a place that will be home to all of them. Brownies, in their travels, collected ancient magic scrolls and artifacts of Gourley. Gourley is the mysterious folk occupying the world thousands of generations ago. Gnomes found an ancient casket. The writings in this casket said: "Read the scroll! Embark on the path of Shadows! Take it to the end! Find the desired reward!". It was handed to Brownies for their help to Gnomes. The Council of Brownies was convened. It was decided to go along the Path of Shadows. Messengers with the news were sent. The place of the ritual was a boundless plain of Ugoda. Hundreds and thousands of Brownies came there from around the world. The time allotted to the packing up was over. The long-awaited day has come. The spell has been read. The journey has begun. They were walking for a long time … All of them felt tired and uncertain. And here, in the middle of the Path of Shadows, they saw a passage into the world. It beckoned by its green meadows, blue lakes and endless forests. Here the dux Domur decided to turn off. Wizards were set against it but the tired Brownies did not listen to them. Exhausted by a long way, they turned off. And here the last one enters the new world. Darkness falls. The new world turns into a trap. Only magicians stayed on the Path of Shadows. The occurrence they saw shaken them but did not broke. They were not going to put up with enslavement of their people! Hundreds of magical and alchemical experiments were carried out. The Magic Mist was created. Every Brownie steeped in this mist returned to the Path of Shadows. And the strongest battle mage Kropos went into the world of darkness. And the battle began...