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Body Parts – Basic

Body Parts – Basic

by kidz Learn Applications


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Body Parts – Basic
Body Parts – Basic
Body Parts – Basic

"Body Part - Basic" is a smart phone application available in iOS, Google and Amazon play store. It is an educational app that describes the basic parts of a human body in 8 (Google Play Android) and 9 (iOS and Amazon) languages.With early education being extremely important, the more a child can learn during his/her early years, the better off they will be down the road. This app allows kids to select from range of languages under the settings tab (iOS) or Settings menu option (Android). This allows the user to learn the parts of the human body in the language he/she wants to learn.This application enables a child to learn in languages : English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Tamil, Hindi, Chinese, Russian and German (the Google Play Android version is missing German).