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Block Puzzle : Merge Mania

Block Puzzle : Merge Mania

by MGameStudios


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Block Puzzle : Merge Mania
Block Puzzle : Merge Mania
Block Puzzle : Merge Mania
Block Puzzle : Merge Mania
Block Puzzle : Merge Mania

DRAG & MERGE GAME  for BRAIN exercises and RELAXING experiences  .

MERGE BLOCK AND ADD PUZZLE  is a  FREE GAME for PUZZLE GAME lovers of all ages. It’s a time killer and  RELAXING game play. Block puzzle or MERGE Puzzle  games are very popular among all logic game players so here we come with the amazing puzzle Game.  

Connect The Wood Block puzzle game and merge it if you like to play wood block , merge games , or  woody sudoku puzzle , casual puzzle ,Tetris games or hyper causal game then this game is perfectly made for you. No better how many times you failed to complete the puzzle but problem solving skills of you leads the best win the game.

How to play

Merge Number and add them if the Block have the same number of horizontal or vertical line then it popups and combine into the next number the mania of Block merge puzzle game is Excellent. Connect the number as many as you can that leads to win the stage there are unlimited sates to play with the Block of wood.

Features  :-

Relaxing  and Endless Game play
Logical and Challenging puzzles to play
HD Theme with Mind-blowing Effects
Wooden blocks materials with wooden theme , jewels, gems, hammer etc.
No time limit to play the game take your time and relax your mind.
Hint system if you stuck any where. You can also get reward
Brain Teaser Game For Puzzle Game Lovers , hours Of Game play.