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Becareful Balloon

Becareful Balloon

by just cool games


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Becareful Balloon
Be careful Balloon Is a simple fun creating game you should Tilt your phone in such a way that the wheel you escape from all the balloons failing to do so ends the game you have few missions to receive the winning cup in the game all the missions should be accomplished by avoiding collision with Balloon those who loves fun games and Balloon games will have so much of fun in playing this Game. Mission To be completed. 1.Collected 3 Keys to Get Gifts 2.Collect 5 Gifts To get Lollipops 3.Collect 10 Lollipops to get Fruit Baskets 4.Collect 3 Fruit Baskets to Receive winning cup. Its fun for sure you will love it and play it and finally those who love balloon games will go crazy for this game.