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BeautyCam - Photo Editor

BeautyCam - Photo Editor

by hmbl Apps


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BeautyCam - Photo Editor
BeautyCam - Photo Editor
BeautyCam - Photo Editor
BeautyCam - Photo Editor

BeautyCam - Photo Editor boosts your appealing selfies with trending filters, makeup options, collages, color fixes, and much more, and is constantly on the go to keep your best pictures.

**Basic Settings**
BeautyCam - Photo Editor provides you with the settings of capturing beautiful selfies without having unnecessary retouching. The Photo Editor understands how critical It is to preserve your unique beauty.

**Face to Body Ratio**
With a single click, you may achieve the optimal head-to-body ratio! Different techniques for body sculpting are included, as well as a variety of position templates to assist you in getting the right photo.

**Trending filters**
Quickly access popular trendy filters to create memorable shots! There are also a variety of makeup styles available to enhance your radiance and glare in selfie images. The selected filters are highly popular among international celebrities

**Photo Collage**
Convert pictures into high-quality images; create photo collages that can be shared with friends and family on a variety of social networking platforms! Make a collection of family photographs, birthday photographs, and other mementos with just a few clicks

**Photo Stickers**
Choose from a wide range of well-known and cutting-edge AR stickers. Your Selfies can be hilarious, sweet, or awesome whenever you want them to be.

**Low Light Pictures**
Keep your blurry twilight portraits. Even in low-light situations, your photos can be of high quality that matches those of an SLR camera.

**Background Pictures**
You can completely alter the backgrounds using the extensive set of background-changing options. BeautyCam - Photo Editor enables you to set your facial features with artistic backgrounds to create one-of-a-kind selfies. You can easily make adjustments with the various color contouring options available and apply natural effects with ease.

**No Makeup, No problem**
There is no problem if you are not wearing makeup. It is now easier than ever to create stunning selfies with face enhancer makeup filters. BeautyCam Photo Editor has a plethora of makeup choices for making your lips rosy, glaring your skin, and blushing cheeks. In short, beautifying your face with popular makeup effects.