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Bali Justice Ball

Bali Justice Ball

by sri satya


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Bali Justice Ball
Bali Justice Ball
Bali Justice Ball
Bali Justice Ball adopted traditional game called "Bola Adil", but it's improve on how the way to play and add fun concept. You only need to hit the Blue Star by the Ball to win the Game, but don't forget to collect all coins and the bonus star to open the new arena.And also avoid each obstacles To control the Ball motion you need slide up down left/right and back/front the basement with your right hand. and control to basement rotation left/right by your left hand. You even can make your ball Jump if needed, by touch the jump button on bottom left side. More Practices , Find easier and comfort way to handle the Ball, be patient and it will be spent much attention to play, but it will keep you fun, seriously!! Please TRY THIS AT HOME !!!! not for professional only