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Aura Room Escape

Aura Room Escape

by Hiddenfungames


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Aura Room Escape
Aura Room Escape
Aura Room Escape
Aura Room Escape
Aura Room Escape
Aura Room Escape
Aura Room Escape
Aura Room Escape


Aura of Immortals is the very best adventurous and addictive point and click escape game in 2017 of exciting 25 levels from ENA Game Studio and released by HFG Hidden Fun

Games. All these 25 levels are the best escape games with more fascinating and adventurous until the end
The story of this game is about a mysterious archaeological place, where no one has returned back. The heroine of this game plays the archaeologist role, who

is a bold and talented girl. She is interested in untying the knots of that archaeological place. Unfortunately, she too finds out the way back. She had a lover, who

now wants to find her. Add a player, you will be playing the role of her lover in rescuing her. These free escape games are completely challenge filled with magical fantasies,

adventures, mysteries of Demons and Gods along with riddling puzzles. These mysterious games will make you the real feel as if you are inside the mysterious world and

trying to escape from it. These 'Point And Click Type New Escape Games' are developed and released by Hidden Fun Games(HFG).

Earn UNLIMITED COINS easily by playing the games again and again

Earn more Free coins by playing interesting mini games

Still, you need to double the coins?
(Then Challenge the puzzles & double your coins)

Challenging not enough? ( Don't Worry!!!! You have Twisting Traps)


Addictive Gameplay(More than 25 hours).

Thrilling twists of engaging stories.

Amazing visuals in 2D Graphics

Especially for Escape Game Lovers.

Highly efficient Game in Low Memory Usage

Attractive picturesque locations.