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Alchemy Rumble

Alchemy Rumble

by interestick


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Alchemy Rumble
Alchemy Rumble
Alchemy Rumble
Alchemy Rumble
Alchemy Rumble
Alchemy Rumble
Alchemy Rumble

Use alchemy to turn the 6 materials you collect into objects to use as important weapons and tools to explore your dungeons. All objects created in Grand Alchemy can be used as weapons and shields. Funny thing is, things made with alchemy can be spam, pot lids, baseballs, etc., but they can also be more powerful weapons than you think.

If you make things well, you can easily defeat dark monsters. The ATK and DEF of all monsters are displayed in the upper left corner, so you can easily predict the outcome of the battle.

There are 6 types of materials needed to make things: metal, wood, water, meat, oil, and plants. To make a powerful bastard sword, of course, you need a lot of metal, and if you make leather shoes, of course you need a lot of leather, right?

Now, become the protagonist of the grand alchemy battle and create objects that were unimaginable in those days.

* Defeat monsters hiding underground and collect materials.
* Dig through piles of rocks or pools of water to get ingredients or alchemy recipes.
* Use the materials you collect to create various objects using alchemy and explore dungeons.
* Even without a recipe, you can create an item by manually entering the number of ingredients.
* The Spell Note recipe is a bit expensive, but allows you to randomly craft everything you can craft.
* All items, including alchemy-made food and potions, can be equipped to increase the player's stats.