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Aircraft Fighter Combat

Aircraft Fighter Combat

by afuffstudio


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Aircraft Fighter Combat
Are you frustrated and tired of brainless air combat puzzle and stimulator? Most air combat in Google play requires for you to juggle your warplane pressing on the right and left half of the screen of your phone or tablet device. Let this game show you a new way of sky battle using touch and drag. It is as simple and easy as that. Play Aircraft Fighter Combat Now! When the Wright brother built their pioneering Wright Flyer in 1903, the principal material used for the wings and fuselage was wood braced by piano wire for added strength. By the end of great battle, just over four decades later, most military jets were all-metal and could cover distances and achieve speeds of which the Wrights could have only dreamed. Even in the earliest days of aviation, when the airplane was considered by many to be a curiosity, some military strategist appreciated the potential of air power at sea. As soon as the gunship proved itself as an effective weapon, there were military leaders and innovators who considered solutions to the many challenges of warplane operations over water and, most importantly, from ships. Early naval fighters were modifications – sometimes ill- conceived and ill-advised of land based warplane, but by World War II carrier-based aircraft were being specially designed for the role. Come experience yourself in this modern warfare! The objective is to shoot down the enemy boss. Fight the boss enemy with all your flying skill and safely get to the end of the level. You will participate in this classic battle. The clear blue sky screen will allow you to enjoy yourself and spend pleasant time combat with various kinds of jets and helicopters. You have the power to control a powerful fighter against rebellion enemy. Stunning picture and realistic explosion will shock you in this amazing sky combat. Besides that, you will have the right weapon to destroy all rivals no matter it is a long distance fight or dogfight style. If you are fanatic of airplanes fighting, think no more, this is the Aircraft Fighter Combat for you. Be the highest scorer among your friend. Fly your plane on mission in war across mountain, dust hot desert and freezing snow terrain. Enemy anti-aircraft missiles are everywhere in the screen, be smart to dodge and avoid them as you will lost 1 live when collision happen. As engine technology improved and warplanes speeds increased, drag on early airship became a serious design consideration and airship frames were increasingly covered and enclosed with taut fabric to achieve streamlining. This technique was used into the mid 1930s, but by the time of World War II most new gunship was of all-metal “monocoque” construction. In the early days of air warfare, gunship armament was non-existent or locally improvised. The first fighters were armed with revolvers, rifles or shotguns carried by the pilots or observers but the importance of reliable hard-hitting armament was soon appreciated. During World War I, two rifle-calibre machine-guns using enough to inflict serious damage on fabric-covered, mainly wooden aircraft or rival airships. By the mid-1930s this was clearly inadequate to destroy the larger metal aircraft coming off drawing boards at the time. Consequently, more and bigger guns were used to arm fighter warplane, and wing-mounted guns and, later cannon became more common. You are lucky that your gunship have equip both machine-guns and devastation missiles. The game is very addictive, fun and challenging for those that love air combat. It is similar to other endless air battle with explosion and critical moment that need to dodge enemy missile. Aircraft Fighter Combat is suitable for all ages. So download now and compare with friends whose score the highest..Enjoy yourself.