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15 Puzzle

15 Puzzle

by Two Fox Apps


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15 Puzzle
15 Puzzle
15 Puzzle
15 Puzzle
15 Puzzle
15 Puzzle
15 Puzzle

Fifteen puzzle is a fun and addictive free logic puzzle game. It’s very simple to play, but it’s tricky and challenging. You have to stay focused and sharp. Why don’t you try and see if you have the ultimate puzzle solving skill and enough brain tricks to solve this classic 15 number logic puzzle?

How to Play :

The classic board size is 4x4 with 15 number blocks randomly placed on the board
Your task is to maneuver the blocks by sliding it one by one to the empty space and arrange the number from no. 1 to number 15.
This seems very simple gameplay but its very challenging & frustrating. Try to solve the puzzle in quick time.

Fun, addictive time killer game 
A logic puzzle that is easy to play, but not easy to solve
Simple, modern, and colorful game graphics 
Encourage you to stay focused and sharpen your brain tricks
Reset the board and play again. There are limitless board possibility!

So, are you curious yet about this game yet? It’s free forever to play! It’s a great game when you need to kill time. Puzzle solving activities can help boost your brain. You can try out various brain tricks and see which maneuver works best to solve our logic puzzle. 

In this version you can play with other board sizes, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7.

- 3X3
- 3X3 Snake
- 4x4
- 4x4 Snake
- 4x4 Wheel
- 4x4 Stripe
- 5x5
- 5x5 Snake
- 5x5 Wheel
- 5x5 Stripe
- 6x6
- 7x7
- 4x4 Picture

- 14 achievements in google play games
- 14 boards in google play games