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1015 triangles

1015 triangles

by Jaydev Dhakan


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1015 triangles
1015 triangles
1015 triangles
1015 Triangles is a game for people who like challenges. ever since the first grid games, the square block has always taken precedence over every other shape when it comes to fun puzzles. 1015 Triangles is an attempt to change that ! Place the various shapes on the grid to complete rows or columns. watchout though!! you have a limited amount of time to begin with, play fast, play smart to earn time and points. no more moves possible? double tap the grid and convert the remaining time into score. Go up against the best grid players from around the world and see who scores the best. after playing this game, the square block will not be the only block on the gaming grid!! for any queries, complaints or suggestions please send an email to [email protected]