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WhatsDrive handsfree Whats app

WhatsDrive handsfree Whats app

by apps talavera


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  • WhatsDrive handsfree Whats app
  • WhatsDrive handsfree Whats app
  • WhatsDrive handsfree Whats app
  • WhatsDrive handsfree Whats app
  • WhatsDrive handsfree Whats app

Whatsdrive handsfree Whatsapp read aloud whatsap messages while driving or when you can not be aware of the mobile phone.
This app tells you who write you and what they are writing you, being a companion application can listen to your messages and will not appear to your contacts online.
Enjoy your conversations whatsapp, including groups, whatever the application will tell you the name of the group and the member and the message written. Is somebody writing you and can not read your posts? You know the police could fine you ... tired of long trips alone? Or from work only with the same music ever? all these problems are over with whatsapp drive hands-free, your wasap finally speaks!

Possible uses:
- You're fixing and late for an appointment or a meeting with friends, active whatsapp drive and listen to your notifications to lose no time in opening the app and be reading.
- Are you busy with your hands while you work? Activates the app and know at all times what is discussing in groups or personal messages.
- Practicing in the gym or running ... how many times we had to stop to read messages whatsapp? It's over! Put on your headphones music for privacy and hear all your notifications!

- If you are playing music and you get a message from our active app whatsapp, the two things work together. You will continue listening to the music and also the notification.
- Note also that: With the program open and running will continue to dictate voice notes even if you pick up a call.
- You have an option to allow the program to operate only when it is open or keep it running even with the phone locked.
The application is available in several languages but the messages are played with the accent of the language you have installed on your mobile phone.

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