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The Physics Quiz – Particles

The Physics Quiz – Particles

by Dr Nilsson


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  • The Physics Quiz – Particles
  • The Physics Quiz – Particles
  • The Physics Quiz – Particles
  • The Physics Quiz – Particles
  • The Physics Quiz – Particles
The Physics Quiz - Particles is an edutainment game with over 600 questions in different levels of difficulty and categories in and around the field of particle physics. It is an app for everyone, youth and adults, with an interest in science and physics. Aside from a quiz, the app also has a "Brief Overview of Particle Physics" – an introduction that quickly dives into the heart of matter; from the human cell to superstrings, explaining key features and components of the so-called Standard Model, the fundamental forces, antimatter and the Higgs boson along the way. The quiz does not only contain questions about particle physics but also from the related fields of astronomy, cosmology and engineering, as well as questions about famous scientists. The quiz has three difficulty levels, ranging from easy to hard. The easy level is aimed at people with a general interest in science, corresponding to a high school level and upwards. The medium level is for people with a more thorough knowledge of science, while the hard level should suit those that have a deeper scientific knowledge especially in particle physics. A quiz round ends with a review where the correct answers are given. The app has Game Center integration with the best times per difficulty level. Playing the game several times will increase your knowledge about physics and help you gain more interest in the field!

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