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TetheRingo PowerPoint RC

TetheRingo PowerPoint RC

by LeeLu Soft


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  • TetheRingo PowerPoint RC
  • TetheRingo PowerPoint RC
  • TetheRingo PowerPoint RC
  • TetheRingo PowerPoint RC
  • TetheRingo PowerPoint RC
TetheRingo is a mobile companion app that turn your mobile Android device into a PowerPoint presentation remote control. With TetheRingo you can control a PowerPoint presentation running on your Windows PC, start / stop presentation, move to the next / previous slide or jump to the first / last slide. TetheRingo is based on two application pieces: • The TetheRingo Remote Control app, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store, this app runs on your Android mobile device. • The TetheRingo receiver, which can be downloaded for free from http://leelusoft.altervista.org/tetheringo-powerpoint-rc.html , this app runs on your Windows PC where the presentation runs. Mandatory requirement: Both, the mobile device and the Windows PC must be connected to the same wireless LAN so they can discover each other. How to set it up Just follow the next steps: • Download the TetheRingo receiver to your Windows PC, open the zip file into any folder and run it (no installation is needed). • Open your local PowerPoint app and load a presentation (no need to start the show, just open a presentation). • From Google Play Store, download and install TetheRingo RC on your Android device. • Make sure both devices are connected to the same wireless LAN • Go to your PC, enter a peer profile name or just leave the default one (MyPresentation) and click "Start RC" • Go to your mobile device and launch TetheRingo, make sure the same peer profile name appears under the settings tab, and click on "Discover" • Give it a few seconds to discover the peers and to connect, when connected the peer name will appear on the Android device and the connection leds on both sides will turn green. • Now, on the RC, click "Start Show" and control your presentation. TetheRingo also let you set a connection password between peers. In case the of a high load on the WiFi network, the TetheRingo RC may not discover the receiver, let it search for a few seconds, and if doesn't find the peer, just click again on "Discover" and wait for a few more seconds.

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