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Spinning Circle

Spinning Circle

by McGeeMind Games


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  • Spinning Circle
  • Spinning Circle
  • Spinning Circle
  • Spinning Circle
  • Spinning Circle

Spinning Circle is simple, addictive and mind pleasing strategy game.
A pin circle game in which role of the user is to pin all the dots to spinning circle with simple tap control. This is different from classic circle games with jumping and bouncing controls!
At the start, it seems simple but becomes addictive and challenging as you grow through the levels.
Tap anywhere on the screen to launch the radiant ball towards the spinning wheel in such a way that it hooks in it and must not touch with the other balls. Hook all the balls to the wheel to complete the level.
As the more levels completed, the balls will be more, the rotation speed will be increased, the direction of rotation will be changed and behavior will be more challenging.
★★★ FEATURES ★★★
★ Easy to start, simple navigation!
★ Single tap control!
★ Smooth gameplay!
★ Simple minimal art style!
★ No points/score system, No complications!
★ Good for mind relaxation!
★ Stress reliever!
★ Improves patience and promptness!
★ 100% free to play, play and unlock levels!
★ Global Leaderboard and Achievements!
★ Full of addictions, suitable for both Adults and Kids!
★ 1000+ levels to challenge you!
All 1000+ levels are unique which are mixes of different patterns like clockwise, anti-clockwise, small hick ups and many more surprising variations.
Hooking in spinning wheel with perfect timing will complete the level more quickly, but with just single wrong tap level goes failed, This will test how patient you are and also improves your aiming capabilities.
How many levels can you complete? 100, 500 or 1200? Let's have challenge? Download the Spinning Circle now and have endless addictions. This would be the craziest game for you!
If you enjoy the game then please write us your review! 

We also appreciate your valuable suggestions to improve the game.
Email: mcgeemindgames.care@gmail.com

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