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Rune Craze

Rune Craze

by Walltech, LLC.


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Your email will not be sold, saved, or used in any way other than sending the promo code.

Rune Craze is not your regular matching game... it is so much more.
Similar to the old Alchemy matching game but with quests and different tiles.

Tap on the board to place runes. Placing runes will turn the tile background yellow. Once all tiles are yellow, the board is complete. Sounds simple? The difficulty increases with each board, adding new rune symbols or colors.

Features include:
- Two game modes (Quest and Survival)
- 25 quests with 15 boards each
- Increasing difficulty Survival mode
- Easy game play yet challenging to master
- Leaderboards to compare your friends and the world
- Achievements
- Sync completed quests so your progress is saved

Get the Power Pack to greatly increase your strategy.
With the Power Pack you can:
- See the next 3 runes (instead of just one)
- Undo your last move
- Earn gems twice as fast

Please note: Rune Craze is free to download and play, however it does allow you to purchase gems with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please setup password protection for purchases in the Google Play Store app. Gems can be earned through playing the game and all levels can be played without purchasing gems.

Follow us on twitter: @WalltechLLC
Email: walltechcompany@gmail.com

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