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Pipes Puzzle

Pipes Puzzle

by McGeeMind Games


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Pipes Puzzle
Pipes Puzzle
Pipes Puzzle
Pipes Puzzle
Pipes Puzzle
Pipes Puzzle

Pipes Puzzle is a challenging plumber game. This is kind of pipe connecting game in which your role is to arrange pipes in correct way to make flow of water through it. This is different then other classic plumber game as it has no time constraints, no game modes, no water flows and unlimited moves in it.. It's just a pure puzzle game that truly challenges you..

Train  your brain and put your logical skills to work.

★★★ Game Features ★★★

★ Simple and easy tap and slide control!
★ Smooth game play!
★ No complications!
★ No points/score system, No purchases!
★ 100% free to play, All levels are completely free!
★ Clean 2d pipes with black and white theme!
★ Relaxing game, which you can play for couple of hours!
★ Enhances your problem solving skills!
★ Insanely addictive and challenging puzzles!
★ Not an easy game, easy to start, hard to complete!
★ Suitable for both Adults and Kids!

This game will help you and your kid to improve logical thinking and problem solving ability.

You will have game challenge that you never had before..

What are you waiting for? Download Pipes Puzzle for free now!
Time to face challenge!

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Email:  mcgeemindgames.care@gmail.com