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Math Search

Math Search

by Wooden Horse Studio


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  • Math Search
  • Math Search
  • Math Search
As a parent one of the (many) challenges is to convince your kids that math is useful help them learn it - best way to do that is by helping them learn while they play. "Math Search" is a funny puzzle game just with additions and multiplications instead of words. The goal is to find in a given grid the math expressions presented above it. It's much more likely to memorize that "2x3=6" when you're looking for that sequence in a grid, than by repeating it and that's the goal of this game, help kids memorize while playing. Here's what makes "Math Search" a perfect fit for kids (even adults) that want to learn Math the fun way: - Addition & Multiplication made FUN. Just like in traditional word search games, you must find an addition/multiplication expression in the given grid. The FUN part is solving the puzzle without even knowing you are actually learning. - Star Rating. The incentive on each level is to collect all the possible stars. Just swipe the discovered math expressions and collect the star while repeating/memorizing the expression. - Brain Train. This game has the additional benefit of helping you practice your skills of concentration, observation and logic, aside the Math memorizing. - Gradual Difficulty. Each expression has 3 levels starting with an easy grid and ending with a difficult one with more expressions to find. There's also a Classic mode where you must find 10 math expression in the grid. Don't be fooled though, "Math Search" is designed for kids but the more difficult levels are a bit of a challenge for adults as well, so if you're up for a Math puzzle you can give it a try too.

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