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Lullaby for Babies

Lullaby for Babies

by DreamStudio


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  • Lullaby for Babies
  • Lullaby for Babies
  • Lullaby for Babies
  • Lullaby for Babies
  • Lullaby for Babies
  • Lullaby for Babies
  • Lullaby for Babies
  • Lullaby for Babies
  • Lullaby for Babies
  • Lullaby for Babies
  • Lullaby for Babies

Beautiful lullabies to help your baby to fall asleep.
Lullaby lyrics to sleep or soft relaxing music have soothing effect on toddlers and babies. Children love to listen lullabies so putting to sleep your child can become easy and fun and parents rather than long put to sleep children or infants can use this time for yourself.

If your baby is crying, has trouble falling asleep or to calm down before bedtime, try the free application lullabies for children.

As parents, we know that lullabies are the most effective way to sleep toddlers.
The timer function automatically turns off the application after a specified time, and with the slideshow option application can automatically plays the next lullaby.
Intuitive and clear user interface provides a simple and fast handling of applications.

Download our free app and see how easy and fun can be lulling children.

Lullabies to sleep children:
● HD-quality sounds,
● Totally free lullabies,
● Timer function,
● Easy and clean interface,
● App for children of all ages.

Set the timer and then put the phone or tablet at a safe distance from the child's head. After a preset time lullaby turn off itself.


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