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Horse Race & Bet

Horse Race & Bet

by Claude Newman


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Horse Race & Bet
Horse Race & Bet

Welcome to Horse Race & Bet, Come with a plan or leave in defeat!
The ultimate virtual Horse Race and betting simulation game available in Google Play store. Come join thousands of online players and start very addictive journey of Horse racing and betting. Enjoy the first MMO Horse racing experience, Place bets on race horses and win millions of coins!

Acquire Horse-Jockey teams and race with real online players, Manage your race teams and climb up the trophy ladder. Enjoy epic online betting events and win big. Be that millionaire you always want to be!

Game Features:

  • Acquire and manage Horse-Jockey teams!
  • Create the ultimate Horse-Jockey race team and be that unbeatable Race Master!
  • Acquire mighty Trex and unleash the power!
  • Become a millionaire in the virtual Horse Race & Bet world!
  • Build the perfect Horse race team to climb up global and local leaderboards!
  • Join thousands of online betters and try your luck!
  • More exciting offline/online racing and betting events!

An active Internet connection is required for playing game. Happy Racing!