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HangMan: HangThem

HangMan: HangThem

by DLGames


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  • HangMan: HangThem
  • HangMan: HangThem
  • HangMan: HangThem
  • HangMan: HangThem
THE BEST NEW&FREE ALTERNATIVE TO HANGMAN The worlds classic Hangman now with a new and never seen feature available for all ANDROID DEVICES !!! Do you like HangMan? Then you will definitely like Hang Them ! So we all know and love the classic stick man, but what if you can hang, not the classic stick man, but what ever your heart desires. From a friend, an enemy to even a simple glass of water ! Well DLGames has come with a feature for this simple game that you have never seen before. This feature is easy to use and has that fun-factor that was missing ! All that you have to do is to access your photo gallery from your phone and crop the face of your friends or whom you want and add it to the poor thing that is going to be hanged, of course if you can`t guess the word. The games has over 1.500 words that you can guess from different categories. Categories like Hollywood Stars, Cars, Animals, Capitals, Countries and Movies. So let the fun begin ! Hangman - a word game in which one player has a limited number of chances to guess the other player's word ALSO PLEASE SUPPORT US AND SEND BUGS OR COOL IDEAS THAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS GAME SUPPORT us: https://www.facebook.com/GuessThat SEND US BUGS OR IDEAS: hangthemhangman@gmail.com Disclaimer: All Images are properties of their respective owners. Any content will be removed if asked by legal owners.

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