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Guess That Capital

Guess That Capital

by DLGames


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  • Guess That Capital
  • Guess That Capital
  • Guess That Capital
Welcome to Guess That Capital! In this game you will be able to discover the amazing capitals of the world and you can name the capitals of the hidden countries. You will be able to reveal lots of capitals that you did not even knew existed. From the small city of Vatican to the huge Empire of Russia, from the enormous island of Australia to the tiny country of San Marino. In order to uncover all the hidden capitals you need to remove the stickers and then guess the correct answer from a set of 4 possible answers. Also if you have a hard time guessing the correct capital you can activate a hint that can guide you to the correct answer. This game is for both boys or girls. It's an excellent game to play in order to expand your knowledge about the capitals of the world. Also this game has a higher difficulty rate than the others! This app in a few words: excellent, free, guess, name, expand, knowledge, capitals, countries, fun, information Be the first to know when the next application is launched by accessing our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GuessThat Disclaimer: All Images are properties of their respective owners. Any content will be removed if asked by legal owners.

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