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Fruits & Sushi

Fruits & Sushi

by Bread Cat Studios


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  • Fruits & Sushi
  • Fruits & Sushi
  • Fruits & Sushi
  • Fruits & Sushi
  • Fruits & Sushi
Fruits vs Sushi A long time ago, in a kingdom far far away, surly sushi held a huge grudge against delicious danty fruits. It was such a big grudge that they decided to declare war on the throne and finish with all fruits on the kingdom. But those charming perky fruits had a different idea. It was time to prove they were not as dainty as their maleficent attackers thought, so they started a rush revel fight back. Now the streets are full of surly grumpy sushi. But bold brainy strawberry, hilarious playful pineapple and their perky juice friends are facing that regiment and showing them how though and steady they are! ★ You control two charming fruits at the same time. Use them to finish with the regiment of sushi. ★ Smooth and accessible swipe/slide controls to move both fruits using both your thumbs. ★ Punch buttons to kick and punch the regiment of surly grudge holding sushi. ★ Google Achievements so you can win delicious and tasty rewards for playing. ★ Google Leaderboards so you can compete in a rush with your friends and the rest of the World. ★ Play as bold strawberry, revel pineapple, perky orange, charming peach and many juice more! ★ Small size game! Only 10MB! It doesn't waste your Data, and you can start playing in seconds! Grumpy sushi have declared war on the throne of the juice kingdom. They held grudge against strawberry and his delicious fruit dainty perky friends, so they are planning to finish them. Prove them wrong! Take part in the rush revel strike back! Take control of your favorite delicious charming fruits and start kicking that surly sushi out of your way! Start playing this revel game, get in the clu, grab your juice and take control of bold perky strawberry and his charming delicious friends in their rush battle against the regiment of surly sushi. Stop the war against the throne and restore the peace in the juice kingdom. Fruits vs Sushi / Created by Bread Cat Studios 2015

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