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Flipt – a spatial memory game.

Flipt – a spatial memory game.

by Jess Lewis


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  • Flipt – a spatial memory game.
  • Flipt – a spatial memory game.
  • Flipt – a spatial memory game.
  • Flipt – a spatial memory game.
How quickly can you match the cubes to the pattern? 1) Cubes are arranged into a pattern. 2) You're given a number of seconds to memorize the pattern. 3) The cubes are randomly scrambled. 4) Turn each of the cubes to match the memorized pattern. Spatial memory is used to remember abstract things such as where you parked your car or left your homework. It is also used to solve puzzles such as Magic Cubes wherein cubes must be moved to match colors so that each side is a particular color. Flipt is different. You must match the abstract patterns on each cube to their locations in the memorized pattern. Abstract patterns on rotating cubes encourage using spatial capabilities to solve puzzles. The easiest levels feature puzzles that form simple, sometimes familiar patterns. More difficult puzzles require memorizing more chaotic or unusual looking puzzles. Time taken to complete each puzzle is displayed as well as the number of moves required to solve the puzzle. Total time for solving all puzzles so far solved is also displayed. Average time taken to solve a puzzle is also displayed. Google Play Services is integrated into Flipt to make it easy to compare solve times with friends. Compare your average solve time with friends. Win achievements. Enjoy the challenge and exercise your spatial memory by playing Flipt. Note: there is no claim or representation that Flipt will improve memory or brain function. Flipt is intended solely for entertainment.

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