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Coin Dozer

Coin Dozer

by threefirestudio


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The mega addictive coin pusher game! Get the shiny new coins and vivid prizes.

Do the best to our possible to get coins and prizes to create home for poor pig,

or he will be a homeless.

Drop gold coins onto the pusher to collect - don’t forget the special coins to help you out! Be careful, the pusher can also thrust your coins off the side and into the pond.

Pig found some secrets when he was building a home.

Try to push coins as you can into the magic box that can summon lucky turntable to win mega coins.

Be careful the collect the prizes, each set of real prizes can not only decorate homes and trigger hidden skills in order to more easily get coins.

When you push the coins, you will inadvertently complete the daily tasks and achievement. You will be rewarded many of coins and jewels. At the same time get a permanent title.

It’s okay if your coins run out, pig will give your coins every once in a while. If you are in a hurry or want get more coins, you can always get coins from the store.  

Coin Dozer: Play Free Circus Games and Pusher Coins for Carnival includes:

◉ Stunning 3D stereo visual   
◉ Unrivalled visual effect

◉ Amazingly realistic physics
◉ Many swashbuckling prizes to collect
◉ Robot slot machine to win mega coins

◉ Lucky turntable to get generous coins
◉ 48 achievements prizes
◉ For players that Facebook connect, collect& send gift.

Enjoy playing our free coin dozer games? Please rate us, your feedback counts!

Join in the fun and play Coin Dozer: Play Free Circus Games and Pusher Coins for Carnival! Good luck!

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