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Caribbean Trade Cruise

Caribbean Trade Cruise

by bladeburning


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  • Caribbean Trade Cruise
  • Caribbean Trade Cruise
  • Caribbean Trade Cruise
  • Caribbean Trade Cruise
It is era of 1832 when East India Company is ruling all the seas of Caribbean with trading between different countries. Sail your ship on the legendary seas of Caribbean while sailing, trading, plundering and raiding. Experience the real life sailor who is sailing the seas while watching out from the pirates who are also lurking into the seas in search of wealth. It is your duty to pick up cargo from one island to another while avoiding these pirates ships. But if you encounter them then don’t hesitate and take the charge of your crew and the ship and destroy those pirates. If you like to play classic RPG action, trading, adventure and high seas strategy game then you will definitely enjoy this action packed strategy game during sailing into the unchallenged territory of the pirates while sailing, trading and war. The physics of this game is too good. Caribbean Cruise Ship gives you the full tour of the shores of Caribbean sea from where all the fairy tales comes. This game has two modes: Strategic: In this mode you can sail into the seas, while trading from one place to another, making your way fighting with the Pirates ships. Be the merchant and the fighter at the same times. make complex strategies to defeat the pirates. Trade in gold between different towns Exploration: This mode will allow you to take sail free into the Caribbean sea like an free open world game. you can go anywhere, destroy any pirate ship. you can also test your skills in this mode. How to play: Press ship icon to sail the ship. Tilt the mobile to steer left & right. Press cannon icon to fire the cannon at enemies. Press save button to save your game. Press home button to return to your home town. Features: Play as the role of captain of the ship Lead your own crew Play as a merchant and as a fearless sailor Explore the high seas of the Caribbean Trade between exclusive towns Battle the Pirates ships Caribbean Cruise Ship is the game in which you can lead your crew to the wealth and made them rich or if you made a mistake then the pirates will kill you. So be the wise captain and take every step with carefully. There's also a tutorial mode for you to understand the game easily.

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