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Boo Xbox Ninja

Boo Xbox Ninja

by StomStudio Games


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Boo Xbox Ninja
Boo Xbox Ninja
Boo Xbox Ninja
Boo Xbox Ninja
Boo Xbox Ninja

In Boo Xbox Ninja, You are a Hero Ninja and your mission is defeat all top skillful Ninjas and prove how well your Ninja Clan fight
You will invade the empire of the enemies with your familiar weapon: Shuriken​. On the Road, you have to fight against their forces, too. Be careful! Any wrong throwing Shuriken​, you will die by the kill shot of enemies. The more ninja you shoot down, the more point you get and you can upgrade main character by using coin

How to play Boo Xbox Ninja:
- Just tap on screen when you choose the suitable moment to release Shuriken​

Features in Boo XBox Ninja :
- Graphic: 2D, Simple, spectacular
- Easy to play
- Close to player
- Unlimited level
Don't miss an endless minigame! Let's down Boo Xbox Ninja now

P/s: We we are looking for a publisher collaborator or co-operate with other team to bid out-source code. If you have demand and intention to co-operate with us, Please contact with us via this facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/StomStudio