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Blue Light Screen Filter

Blue Light Screen Filter

by littlebridge


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  • Blue Light Screen Filter
  • Blue Light Screen Filter
  • Blue Light Screen Filter
  • Blue Light Screen Filter
  • Blue Light Screen Filter
Blue Light Screen Filter is an easy remedy against the harmful effect that the blue light coming from the screen of our devices. Recent studies claim that the blue light is the cause of dry eye, problems concentrating and sleeping problems. With Blue Light Screen Filter you can easily lower the intensity of the blue light produced by your device, applying a simple color filter on the screen. Blue Light Screen Filter is absolutely not intrusive, after a few seconds you will not notice the color filter presence but your eyes and your sleep will lead many benefits. It is particularly recommended to use this app at night when the eyes are more tired and sensitive, with a special function programmed start you can set the start of the filter only at night for example. The red color of the filter is recommended to help you sleep. Functionality ☆ Toggle immediately filter screen ☆ Adjust the opacity and the intensity of the filter ☆ Choose your favorite color ☆ Set the start time and stop time of the filter during the day

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