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Block Puzzle : Night in Egypt

Block Puzzle : Night in Egypt

by PyramidaGames


Our Rating

  • Block Puzzle : Night in Egypt
  • Block Puzzle : Night in Egypt
  • Block Puzzle : Night in Egypt
  • Block Puzzle : Night in Egypt
  • Block Puzzle : Night in Egypt
  • Block Puzzle : Night in Egypt

New game Block Puzzle Egypt with exciting game modes, where you need to break and clear the playing field, find the fairy lights to add yourself twists! The game itself is very simple you have to drag the figures on the playing field, and to fill in the line horizontally or vertically to clear the field and earn points. You can play games for FREE!

◆ Simple but fun gameplay.
◆ Intuitive control with one touch.
◆ diverse system of rewards and a lot of variations of the blocks.
◆ The game has enabled Google Play Rating, where you can compete and compare scores with your friends.
◆ Beautiful icons and smooth animation.
◆ Persistent sessions: play anywhere and at any time and you can continue playing later.
◆ Do not rush, no problem and no time limitations.

The rules are simple!
◆ Put blocks on a board consisting of 10x10 tiles.
◆ Create a continuous horizontal and vertical lines to clear them.
◆ Increase your score by a multiplier by clearing multiple lines at once.
◆ Do not risk too much: The space on board is limited.
◆ The game ends when no more space on the board is enough to place the next block.

Enjoy your game with respect PyramidaGames.

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