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Bibel Puzzle Game

Bibel Puzzle Game

by Kim Huize


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Bibel Puzzle Game
Bibel Puzzle Game
Bibel Puzzle Game
Bibel Puzzle Game

This Bible game contains many puzzles and beautiful pictures of different bible stories like:
• Adam and Eve;
• Noah's Ark;
• David and Goliath;
• the promise of Abraham;
• the story of Moses; 
• the birth of Jesus Christ by the Virgin Mary;
• Jesus' last supper;
It's a heavenly game to play during Christian holy days like Easter and Christmas.

Lots of fun for you and your Christian family! Every picture is cut into small tiles and mixed up. Slide the puzzle pieces to the right place to create beautiful images. The more you advance, the harder the puzzle gets!

Bible Puzzle Game features:
• 55 levels - hours of fun;
• 5 different skill levels - the more you advance, the harder it gets!
• Star challenge - become the best puzzle player!
• Wallpaper selector - save the beautiful pictures or set them as wallpaper
• Free game

Please rate this game if you like it! And also download the God and Jesus and Mother Mary edition.