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by Sompom Creative Studio


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  • 1Word!
  • 1Word!
  • 1Word!
To all of you CrossWords lovers and other word-game afficionados. 1Word is the best companion to keep your taste for words and letters up to date. The game can be played in english and french. 1word! is a word game like no other... Here are clues, riddles or simple sentences that help you solve and guess each new word. Use analogies and associations to make progress. There are different ways to express the same thing. Take care of the different shades of language, (english, american-english, words inherited from foreign language) this is a game full of challenges and definitely FUN! Found an unusual word? It might have been borrowed from another country and integrated to the language throughout history. 1word has a lot of surprises to offer. If a word seems incorrect, or if you experience any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us via our support from the app or at support@sompom.com DID YOU KNOW THAT? - A 1 year old baby can understand between 65 and 110 words. - Some mammals can recognize up to 150 words! - A kid knows around 600 words. - A teenager in high school knows in average between 800 and 1600 words. - EFL Teachers say that you can make your way through every-day life with 300 words. And you? What can you do? Can you meet the challenge 1Word offers you? COMBOS Guess 5 consecutive words without help to cumulate points. Exchange your points against jokers to unlock difficult words. JOKERS - If you hesitate ask a letter to put you in the proper direction - Remove all useless letters from your dock and rebuild the word that your are missing. - Skip words that are too difficult to guess

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