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Unity Game Development

  • NielsAlexiJohansen form Netherlands

    Independent & freelance game designer/developer, animator and tinkerer.

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  • Rinikulous Games form Canada

    Rinikulous Games is a game design studio specializing in iOS-driven mobile experiences. It was established in April 2016 in Calgary, AB (Canada) by two (@rinikulous & @staticsteven) design and development professionals following their passion for creating mobile games. We’ve created LONELY SUN – our first project, and are currently working on developing our second title, HYPER BEAM - an endless survival game for iOS featuring an incredibly cool player interaction mechanic and haptic feedback.

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  • SeronitoStudios form Germany

    Mobile App and Game Development

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  • Fathom form Japan

    Independent game developer

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  • patrikmojzis form Slovakia

    Developer. Check my website for projects.

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  • Gioco Studio form Singapore

    Gioco Studio is a creative indie game development team. We are currently focused on creating fun and intuitive games that we personally love to play. We believe that world class quality and delightful gameplay is the only way to win our users. Check us out on your favorite app store!

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  • Dragon Smile form Ukraine

    Development iOS, Android Games

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  • Course Interactive form Germany

    Independent developer for games and unity packages since 2016 sitting in Halle, Germany.

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  • Super Happy Games S.L. form Spain

    Super Happy Games is an independent games studio based in Malaga, Spain. We create games that all of the family can play and enjoy together.

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