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App Development

  • S & S Development form Romania

    App Development Company

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  • TCGgamess form U.S.A.

    A solo Dev

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  • LiveHappy form U.S.A.

    Android apps made to make your life easier

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  • EndGame Design Laboratories, LLC form U.S.A.

    Mobile App and Game Development Company

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  • Nicola Bezze form Italy

    The app enables you to set a pin-code protection to your USB flash drive. Once this has been done, the drive is effectively locked until the correct pin is entered. Once the drive is locked, one cannot read nor write any data to it without the correct pin and the fact that the software is available for Windows and Android means that it is ideal for anyone who works with PC or Smartphone. NOTE: You need a USB flash drive (or micro-USB adapter) to use the App on your Android Smartphone.

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  • mokosoft form Japan

    Mobile Game Development Company

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  • TiqIQ form U.S.A.

    TiqIQ was founded in 2009 with the singular mission to make buying event tickets more transparent, efficient, and simpler.

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  • CODE K, Christian Koch form Germany

    A motivated, versatile hands-on developer with leadership & general management skills as also over 10 years experience in digital marketing & development. Always looking for new challenges. Think different. I really love Apple! Apple is one of the best companies in the world. They make useful products with highest quality and the Software & Hardware is always "Easy to understand" to everyone! /** The Nerd. **/ Born in 1985. Apprenticeship as a salesman in retail. Developing for around 15 years in private and 10 years in professional. I'm a passionate developer for developing Software and Apps running on the complete Apple products palette! ;-) // The Boarder. Snowboarding is one of the coolest sports, ever! 2 Weeks of boarding in the mountains makes your mind completely free. # The Captain Whenever the sun is shining and time allows i'm going out for a timeless boat trip on the beautiful lakes of surrounding Berlin! https://code-k.info

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  • TTMM Sp. z o.o. form Poland

    TTMM company is a design studio specializing in designing smart interfaces and apps for smartwatches. It is currently focused on the Fitbit Versa platform, for which it has designed a collection over 60 clock faces and a range of practical apps. The studio was founded and is headed by Albert Salamon, an awarded designer, a former lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. TTMM headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland.

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