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App Design

  • Crazymyworld form U.S.A.

    We at Crazymyworld are passionate about inspiring people to explore the world and discover new cultures! We believe that travel is an essential part of life and can open our minds to new perspectives. We strive to make traveling easier so that everyone can experience the joys of seeing different destinations. From finding the best accommodations to planning unique tours and offering helpful tips, we provide all the help you need for your next great adventure. We provide personalized tours tailored to your interests and budget, ensuring that your trip is truly one-of-a-kind. Just by visiting our travel page. You have taken the first step in a travel rich adventure.

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  • Richard Stoffan form

    Mobile App Developer

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  • JUICYDESIGN BERLIN (Publisher TutoTOONS) form United Kingdom

    JUICYDESIGN ist eine Full-Service Media Agentur in der Mitte von Berlin.

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  • EMMA Games for Kids form Germany

    Hello my dear friends! Welcome to my Profil of Popular Appsl! I am Emma, I am a little princess. I live in my beautiful Dreamland.I am very glad to see you also in my YouTube channel. I am very glad my dear little friends to see you I am very happy !Hello!!!*** All Content created by EMMAGAMES and JUICYDESIGNIrina & Ronald Maier developed awesome and fabulous education and entertainment games for kids especially for little girls.We create super cute characters, illustrations, colors and animations!The main character of our games is the cutest girl SWEET LITTLE BABY EMMA. She lives in her Dreamland ;-)Only recently Emma has little Friend. His name is Jacob. We can't wait to see what will have happened.All our game apps are familiy friendly and always includes beautiful music and cool soundeffects with adorable HD graphics and sounds.

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  • Amy Wax form U.S.A.

    The Color911 app is the most acclaimed app for color inspiration and design. Created by a color expert, Color911 provides color inspiration whether you are looking to design a website, make fashion choices or decorate your home. For everyone from DIYer to design professional, it is the go to app for anyone using color! Now with over 100 color themes to choose from for inspiration (and more on the way) the app will get better and better. The app comes with other features as well; you can create color swatches, capture colors that inspire you, create color palettes, and more. Have the expertise of a color expert at your fingertips, check it out at Color911.com

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  • Digital Caravan Factory form Bulgaria

    Spry Reader is a powerful e-reader app that takes reading on a mobile device to the next level. It allows you to complete your daily reading (web articles, news, e-books, etc.) way faster. You can choose between using its Deep Reading technology called “Word Player” and the Voice Player which allows you to listen to any text as if it was an audiobook. The Word Player uses the latest in speed reading technology. It “plays” web articles and ebooks (ePub, pdf, txt) one word at a time and at a constant speed just at the edge of our current ability forcing our brain to adapt and creating the perfect neurological conditions for Flow. This special mode of consciousness is characterized by enhanced mental capabilities, concentration, effortlessness and time dilation and is what world class performers use to dominate their fields. This basically means that when we sit down to read with Spry Reader, we are able to read much faster than normal, we have a better understanding of the text we are reading, and we are so immersed and focused that time flies by. The Voice Player on the other hand allows you to access your reading materials without having to look at the screen. It reads any text so that you can listen while driving, walking, working out, running, doing errands around the house or outside etc. This option is extremely useful for people with dyslexia or ADHD because it makes it easier for them to consume written word.

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  • CASH BOOM form

    Cash Boom is the Fastest Way to Make Money and Get Prizes and Gifts for Free with your Mobile Phone.

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  • Pedrocorp form Spain

    Pedrocorp is a one-man brand for Pedro J. Estébanez, an Spanish developer striving to make distinct and inspiring apps and games.

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  • Rinikulous Games form Canada

    Rinikulous Games is a game design studio specializing in iOS-driven mobile experiences. It was established in April 2016 in Calgary, AB (Canada) by two (@rinikulous & @staticsteven) design and development professionals following their passion for creating mobile games. We’ve created LONELY SUN – our first project, and are currently working on developing our second title, HYPER BEAM - an endless survival game for iOS featuring an incredibly cool player interaction mechanic and haptic feedback.

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