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2D Game Developemt

  • i&Cow form France

    The Weave of Heroes

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  • logCat Games form Vietnam

    Make everyone happy and even more. We appreciates and welcomes all feedback, ratings and reviews!!!

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  • Pedrocorp form Spain

    Pedrocorp is a one-man brand for Pedro J. Estébanez, an Spanish developer striving to make distinct and inspiring apps and games.

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  • LuKa Studio form Japan

    Experienced Games Developer adept in bringing expertise in design, installation, publishing, testing and maintenance of systems.

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  • NielsAlexiJohansen form Netherlands

    Independent & freelance game designer/developer, animator and tinkerer.

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  • Rinikulous Games form Canada

    Rinikulous Games is a game design studio specializing in iOS-driven mobile experiences. It was established in April 2016 in Calgary, AB (Canada) by two (@rinikulous & @staticsteven) design and development professionals following their passion for creating mobile games. We’ve created LONELY SUN – our first project, and are currently working on developing our second title, HYPER BEAM - an endless survival game for iOS featuring an incredibly cool player interaction mechanic and haptic feedback.

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  • SeronitoStudios form Germany

    Mobile App and Game Development

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  • STEM Studios form India

    STEM SOFTWARES is a Website, Software & Mobile apps developing company based in Thrissur, Kerala.

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  • Hyunmoo co. form South Korea

    Hyunmoo is indie mobile game development team in south korea. We've newly launched game called hatchimon go.

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