New technology from an app that can help during these difficult times

This past year or so has been pretty difficult for everyone. The after effects range from stress to anger, and lots of people find they have nowhere to go with their emotions. The reaction caused by these emotions can be continuous because every day we are having to deal with one restriction or another. FreeingMe apps has devised a solution for this, as their intention is to enable you to always have something on you that can tackle the range of emotions you may be dealing with.

The principle behind how the apps work is based on the transmission of intelligent light. Imagine sitting in a beautiful garden on a summer’s day, the impact of this on the heart, the nervous system and the mind is actually transmitted to you through intelligent light. Anything that makes us relax, like walking along a beach or a woodland path, is our environment having a very deep effect on our wellbeing. Nature has this to offer, but the interesting thing is how our internal body absorbs this external influence.

The human body runs by hundreds of different energy systems. When we are well, these systems are able to stay in balance. However our emotions are also very powerful, and fear, stress and anger can seriously upset the apple cart. The art of wellbeing is to be able to regain our system’s balance as soon as possible. Therefore we need to balance our life between demanding times of the day and healing times of the day.

What is intelligent light?

We are dependent on the environment in which we live. We take nature and external influences for granted. Our internal wellbeing works on a level of communication that is subatomic. Modern science is becoming fascinated by this world, using sensitive equipment like the Quest9 to understand how the body’s energy systems work. This interaction is a conversation between our inner world and the world in which we live. This outer world is becoming much more complicated and modern living is becoming more stressful and energy and time demanding.

Because we are now developing the technology and therefore the capability to study our inner workings and the subtle energy involved in how the human body works, this opens up the possibility of using new ways to help maintain wellbeing. Subtle energy itself is always in a state of communication, which we call intelligent light. FreeingMe apps has taken this understanding and used it as a means to create balance when the body is faced with disharmony. They call this photon communication technology and it relies on synthesising a source of profound healing energy and converting it into intelligent light.

When we feel good, when we are inspired, when we feel joy, we receive this through the stimulus of light. We also reflect this as it’s a two-way stream, we also send out intelligent light. Science has long known this and it was proven using a very famous scientific experiment called ‘The Double Slit Experiment’, where it was shown that light photons behaved in way that is determined by how the human observer wants them to behave.

Intelligent light is more than just sunlight

There are many ways we can create light and there are many frequencies or wavelengths within light. Grahame Martin, the inventor of this app technology, has been working with and investigating human energy for over twenty years, and when he wanted to exploit this idea of directly communicating intelligent light he wondered how he could project it. It didn’t take long for him to realise that there was something already invented called the smartphone. The challenge was to get the intelligent light he wanted into the phone.

How the apps work

The apps themselves, and therefore the smartphone, do not contain the source of the wellbeing information that is used by the body to balance itself. Because we are dealing with information in its most minute form, it goes through a process of dematerialisation to turn that source into intelligent light. The apps contain the result of this but not the original source. This is the method that Grahame Martin discovered that makes the apps work.

The apps therefore act as a kind of lens that can tune and project the light so the human cells can read it. This is a perfectly natural and safe way in which we gather information because we naturally do it all the time. It is, in fact, the way that all nature communicates. The apps can be used either by holding the screen towards you while the session is running, just like you would when checking your messages, or you can place the phone screen side down on your forearm, as people often do when using the FreeingREST app.

What can the apps do?

Currently there are three apps with others to follow. There is the ENERGY app, which helps rejuvenate your batteries and pick you up. It can also be used as a weekly management system that balances and maintains energy levels.

The STRESS app can help calm the nerves and face what would ordinarily be stressful circumstances, like any kind of meeting. It is very useful in these worrying times.

The REST app can enable you to relax and take time out from the responsibilities that come with modern living. It has also helped improved sleep, with one user reporting that it completely sorted out years of bad sleep issues where he was only getting three hours sleep at a time.

The apps are not designed for medical use and should not be used to replace medication or professional medical advice. They are wellbeing apps that support the body in recentering energy balances.

Each app is currently only available for Android users with a free 3 day trial and an introductory offer of $3.49 per month for 3 months, and $4.49 thereafter. An iPhone version will be available soon. For further information visit: and to buy now go to: go playstore