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Zombie Roll

Zombie Roll

by hkustfrank


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Zombie Roll
Zombie Roll
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekPBR8OSvmE Zombie Roll! Rolling Zombie! Can a zombie be a pet? Yes and you can roll the zombie and lead it to the finish line. Zombie Roll is a very funny and speedy game. The Player just needs to swipe on the right and lead it to the goal as quicker as you can. It is very simple, right? But how to roll it quicker? When the zombie crosses the goal, the game finishes and your score will be recorded. However, is it not a real ending, you can’t wait to double check the world ranking table and see if you have a seat in the top three. People all over the world are rolling the zombie, now what are you waiting for, go for the best and beat them. How to play 1. Click Play Button. 2. Swiping and rolling the zombie. 3. Make zombie moving as quicker as you can. 4. The game is finished while the zombie crosses the finish line. 5. Your score will be saved on Cloud. 6. You can see others’ scores from all over the world!