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Zombie apocalypse 3D

Zombie apocalypse 3D

by Kids Fun World


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Zombie apocalypse 3D
Zombie apocalypse 3D
Get ready for cleaning the world from zombies. Z virus has been spread in the city by the ignorance of the scientist. New zombie frontier has been opened for army and people are getting effected and turning into walking zombies. They are reaping and killing everything and Z virus converting humans into zombies. Survivors are leaving the city. Army headquarters has issued an order to save the citizen from dead walking people. Helicopter is ready to take you to the affected city. Mission is to become ultimate zombie killer and shoot every possible zombie. As a zombie slayer make this attack zombie apocalypse. Shoot zombies on head to kill them in single shot otherwise five to six shots will kill zombies. Take maximum head shots to quickly end evil forces and become an ultimate zombie reaper. Zombie apocalypse features Best possible first person shooting experience with scary music and game layout Stunning zombie walk, run crawl and attack animation of zombies Multiple zombies used with different strength to make zombie apocalypse an ultimate zombie shooter game Zombie shooting game with real zombie world game play and excellent fps gun control Virus is gaining strength with increasing number of zombies so save the city in the least possible time Protect yourself from dangerous virus and do not allow any dead zombie to attack you Perfect chance to become an ultimate zombie killer Best of luck guys.