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Zombi Battlefield Shooter

Zombi Battlefield Shooter

by secure3d studios


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Zombi Battlefield Shooter
Zombi Battlefield Shooter
Zombi Battlefield Shooter
It is a simple and addicting,puzzle and shooting game with HQ graphics. Invite your spook killing friends and your survival crazed families to this app and find out who can survive the longest! Fire a hail of bullets to kill all the beasts to stop them from killing humans, using your autoloader gun. Your mission to kill all the Mummys coming out from every building of the area and save your country. Hunt the deadheads as a heavy machine gunner, a stealth zombiesniper, a super fast ninja, a machete Soul hunter, an axe murderer, a samurai spookfighter, and more. All creatures are destroyed by gun. You have no choice but to fight with Mummys, devils and monsters. Amazing action scenes and gaming experience that will blow your mind await you! To get in on the fun, all you have to do is download now!