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Zerio Conquest

Zerio Conquest

by Zerio Games


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Zerio Conquest
Fast paced real-time Risk-like strategy game. 1. Use your fingers to pan and zoom. 2. You are the teal colored player. 3. To attack select one of your cities and then select a target. 4. Launchers are stronger than Towers but take twice as long to build. 5. Stars are stronger than Launchers but take four times as long to build. 6. Gray colored cities are not controlled by any player but may be attacked. Special thanks to my son Baylor for ideas on the game, music suggestions, and for providing the opening images. Thanks to jalastram for sounds provided from freesound.org. Thanks to soundbible.com for providing some of the explosion sounds. Thanks to mattashi at newgrounds.com for providing "The Weapon" opening music.