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Zap Bee Machine

Zap Bee Machine

by owpoga


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Zap Bee Machine
Zap "Tap" Bee is a fun and addictive game, suitable for all, the second collection "ZAP" Owpoga! Especially for children who like easy games! If you like to party this is the game for you! In Zap Bee Machine, you play as a bee in the manufacturing machine Doctor. Owpoga! How to Play: Touch the screen, that's all. Characteristics: * You should pass the 5 levels to complete a match. * Each level has speed and specific points. * Fun and friendly graphics and a random selection of songs! * The higher reach greater its ability to display. * Beat your score! * Beat the scores of your friends! * Hours of fun and challenges! Please leave your comments and indicate our products, it is a way of contributing to social causes without spending anything, or nothing. The resulting income will have a percentage share of charities and non-profit or dynamically and act for better living conditions.