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Your Map by Moon

Your Map by Moon

by Moon Apps


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Your Map by Moon
Your Map by Moon
Your Map by Moon
Your Map by Moon
Your Map by Moon
Your Map by Moon
Your Map by Moon

Big Events, Trade Shows, Real-Estate Property Expos, Community Programs, Schools, Colleges, Regional Programs like Katha, Exhibitions, Sports Events, & Concert Businesses can now easily rely on our event mapping and navigation app to allow visitors to find their desired trade booth or exhibitor’s location.

YourMap is designed to help the different event organizers, colleges, expos, or seminar owners in guiding their visitors with complete details about the event, including their precise event direction.

How Does YourMap by Moon Work?

Unlike native apps that only give directions to the event venue, our event navigation app is designed to help visitors reach the exact event’s booth, stall, or point as we upload the exact event map image.

Custom Event Mapping & Navigation

Event organizers can create custom maps for the internal event stall, booth, or point by uploading the custom map image for the particular event. The visitors shall use our app and start their journey to the designated location by simply allowing the app to use their live location. Allowing the app to integrate with Google Maps will assist in reaching the exact location or venue.

How Does It Help Different Event Organizers & Expo Owners?

The custom event maps functionality allows the visitor to access the direction location of your event stall or booth, thereby eliminating the confusion of directions. It helps bring maximum footfall to the event as the visitor isn’t misguided to any other location in the large events or expo.

A school/college can also upload the custom map image of their internal labs, conference rooms, auditoriums, or any particular class for the students and visitors using our campus map customization for events.

Any regional program organizer for Katha or any local event like Kumbh Mela can also upload a custom map image to provide easy directions to their visitors via our event navigation app.

Offices can also upload custom map images to help their employees & clients reach the designated location without any hassles.

Property expo exhibitors can also assist their keen real-estate clients to reach their desired stalls or booths by uploading their custom map images.

Sports event organizers can also make it easy for their visitors to guide to the exact location using our custom maps app.

YourMap is an event app that is managed from an admin and user perspective. Here is how this event map planner works:


The admin is the one who owns the event organizer app. An admin can approve or reject the request of event exhibitors.

Admin can add and manage events along with monitoring the user activities.

Event Planner/ Exhibitor

Event exhibitors can sign up with YourMap to add their event to the map.

Set the start and end date to help visitors understand about your exhibition.

Exhibitors or organizers can upload custom map images for their event location to seamlessly guide the visitor to the particular event point.

Can add a logo or event banner of the company.

End Users

No signup or login is required

Direct access to the event exhibitor or event organizer via map

Map generates straight lines, allowing end users to locate their keen exhibitors directly

Users can click on ‘Start my journey’ to reach the desired event location

Why Should I Download YourMap- Trade Show Navigation App?

YourMap event planner app is an easy navigation application that helps end users reach their keen exhibitor, in any event using the custom event map image assisted by Google map directions. It helps save time in finding the exhibitor’s exact location.

Get an intuitive dashboard stating the upcoming and ongoing events

Get real-time event updates

Get exhibitor location, saving the time to find each exhibition in the vast event space

Exclusive event exhibitor registration offering business or product details to the visitor