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World History: Ancient History

World History: Ancient History

by afuffstudio


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World History: Ancient History
World History: Ancient History is a complete apps for you to learn world history in an ancient civilization. It covers pretty well from the age of dinosaur up to the great war of ancient times. Although it does not talk a lot about dinosaur, there is lots of information about our originality or it is best describe in Darwin’s theory of evolution. Although, there heavy argument about this theory, it is still a logical theory to consider and learn. Ancient time such as the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age are the times where ancient civilizations learn to use metal to built better tool for farming, daily life tools or for warfare purpose. From the archaeologist we discover valuable ancient discovery about the history of the first cities or the first farming tools that use in the pass. The life style of ancient people also can be discovered from archaeology. In ancient world history you will learn some of the great civilization that we all known. These old civilization come from ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Indus and Ancient Egypt. These ancient civilizations have great effect on how we live today. The mystical Egypt mythology, weird ancient Crete, all the great pyramid with pharaohs that rule Egypt and their Egypt belief of after dead also included in this complete mini encyclopedia. Besides that, the Ancient China is no doubt having a huge impact on the world today in every area of our lives. This includes our transportation, medicine, food and our way of life. This world ancient history application will educate you some of China famous dynasty, their Myths and Chinese Divinities. Not forget to mention about the epic war of ancient time. Ancient wars that are well known such as the Trojan war, Mayan battle, Persian war, The Assyrians ultimate battle and famous historic ancient icon such as Alexander the great, King Darius, Yellow Emperor, Tutankhamun, Odysseus and the Odyssey are all mention in this World History: Ancient History. Surely all glorious battle won by legendary hero or king will always be remember by all for time to time. For example; The Art OF War by Sun Tzu is being practice until now by most of the militaries today because of its efficient and effectiveness in warfare. The list of content for world history ancient: ancient history are as below: Mankind Originality Ancient Handy Man Ancient Man became the Hunter Advance Hunter New Modern Human Cave Painting by Ancestor The Stone Age The Bronze Age The Iron Age Archaeology Secret Our First Farms Our First Cities Between two Rivers The Indus Civilization The Great Migrations Ancient Egypt The Egypt Gods Famous Babylon The first: Mesopotamia Early Stage of China The Han Dynasty Chinese Myths Chinese Divinities Egyptian Writing Life of Egyptian The Egyptian Mythology Mystic Ancient Crete Great Pharaohs Pharaohs and Pyramids Egypt After life Indian Myths Hindu Deities The Ramayana Epic Semites People Assyrians Warlord Oceania Origin The Aboriginal Beliefs Polynesians Great Stories from South Pacific The Persia Persia Beliefs The Persian Pantheon Ancient Weapon of War Famous Tutankhamun The Epic Trojan War Odysseus and the Odyssey Voyage The Aeneid Early Greece The Maya Civilization Mayan Mythology Confucius Chinese Technology The Search of Troy City of Greek The Zhou and Qin Ancient Famous Generals Unlike other world history in Google Play Store, this application has a beautiful graphic to illustrate and to make the explanation more clearly. It is free for you to download and you can use it although without internet connection. Educate yourself about world history especially ancient history, it if fun and lot of fascinating fact you can get. Download now, you will not regret.